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. 第二节 完形填空(共20小题:每小题1.5分,满分30分)
What a busy day! The three boys were from both and changed into their nightclothes. Mary story and finally there up.” Babysitting(照看)the three boys aged eight, six and four is extremely 37 ,she thought.
“Sleep,” she considered, “if only I could!” But she had difficult homework to complete. Leaning back , she 38 her feet onto sofa to get comfortable. Whoever said babysitting was a(n) 39 way to make money obviously hadn’t met the three boys, she thought. The television was on, the room was warm ,and the lights were dim. Mary’s 40 felt heavier and heavier .I mustn’t shop , she thought- which was 41 what she did ,of course .
Strangely enough, she soon 42 that she was a world-famous chef ( 主厨). She made a 43 and wore diamonds and designer clothes. Most days she relaxed by the pool, asking the rich and famous or 44 –her favorite hobby. She 45 took the leading role in her own TV shown.
That is , until she became too 46 . “I am definitely the best in the world.” she thought, as she prepared a tasty chicken dish. But 47 seemed to go right. She spilt the flour, she dropped an egg and she cut her finger . Despite all the troubles, she 48 to get the chicken into the shove. Soon, amoke blanketed the room. The chicken was on fire. 49 set in , but Mary could ? ? She tried hard to move, but could not, 51 a ?? www.52xxzl.com/gaokao/5064.html

She got shocked and confused – 52 was pouring from the kitchen. Rushing to ?? she met by there 53 little faces and some very burnt bread. “Sorry, we were hungry and we were 54 ,no we tried to make some bread. ” explained a boy. Relieved, Mary made them a snake and ??them back to bed. She 55 them never to fall asleep on the job again!
36.A. ? B. written C. ? D.taught
37.A. successful B. helpful C.tiring D.surprising
38.A.shook B. put C. bent D.kept
39.A. difficult B.boring C.important D.easy
40.A. eyes B.mind C. heart D.legs
41.A.nicely B.exactly C.curiously D.carelessly
42.A.realized B. reminded C. ? D.dreamt
43.A.decision B.fortune C.? D.plan
44.A.? B.reading C. learning Dbabysing
45.A. just B. ever C.even D.only
46.A. selfish B. proud C.stubbom D.sensitive
47.A. everything B.something C. anything D.nothing
48.A.tried B.arranged C. managed D.preoared
49. A. Panic B.Pain C.Noise D.Stress
50.A.frozen B.dragged C.pushed D.brought
51.A.? B. until C. ? D.unless
52.A. ? B. light C. ? D.fire
53.A.cheerful B. strange C.gulty D.conlident
54.A.busy B.hongry C.worried D.asleep
55.A.promised B.allowed C. experted D.persuaded


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