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. 2011年普通高等等学校招生全国统一考试(湖南卷)
Section (15marks)
Diretions For each of the following ynfinsihed sentences there are four choices marked A B C
And D C choose the one th at best completes the sentence
Examale www.52xxzl.com/gaokao/5108.html
The wild fowers looked like a son blanket ______ the desert
A ervcring B covered Cover D to cover
The answer is A
21 . The ability _____an idea as important as the idea itself
A expressing B expressed C to express D to cover
22.the abilty ______ab idea is as important as the idea itseif
A expressing B expressed C to express D to cover
23the players ______from the whole country are expected to bring us honor in this summer game .
A selecting B to selece C selectrd D having selectcd
24.I know that _____ would over discourage hin he would necer give up to be a director
A something B anything C overything Dnothing
25.julic was good at german French and Russian all of ____ she spoke flurntly
A who B whom C which D that
26.One third the contry ______ covered with trees and the of zhe citizens
A is are B is is C are are D are is
27 in 1942 columbus_______ on the of the bahama ialands bur he mistook it for
A lands B landed C has landed Dhad landed
28 .no noe ________ be compored with yao ming in playing baskctball
A can B need C must Dmight
29 .Do you make up every morning __________ energetic and ready day?
A fcel B tofeel C feling D fell
30 It Is the most instructive iecture that ________since I carne to this
A attended B had attended C am attending Dhave attended
31 can be solcyd it be obvioys ______the promlen itsclfis
Awhat B that C which Dwhy
32 Only after they and discussed the matter for _______a dccision
A they reached B did they reach C they reach Ddo they reach
33 jack wasn’t saying anything but the teacher smiled at hin ____ he had don very elever
A as if B in case C while D thought
34 in future more advances the robot nology ______ by scentists
A are making B in made C will make D will be make
35 It’s not what we do once in a while ______ shapes our lives but what we do consistently
A which B that C how D when


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