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英语 笔试


1.----I’m going to Venice next week.   ----       .Carnival will be held then. Have fun

A. You’re crazy                B. You’re lucky         C. You’d better not         D.You never know

2.If you are in trouble,Mike is always willing to       a band.

A. lend                      B.shake                C. wave                 D.want

3.I think watching TV every evening is a waste of time----there are       meaningful things to do.

A. less                        B. more                C. the least               D.the most

4.----Mary’s been offered a job in a university,but she doesn’t want to take it. ----       ? It’s a very good chance.

A. Guess what             B. So what             C. Who cares             D. How why

5.       small, the company has about 1,000 buyers in over 30 countries.

A. As                         B.If                            C. Although                  D. Once

6. We have launched another man-made satellite,       is announced in today’s newspaper.

A.that                       B.which                C. who                 D. what

7.While she was in Paris,she developed a       for fine art.

A. way                       B. relation               C. taste                 D. habit

8.I had hoped to take a holiday this year but I wasn’t able to      

A. get away                  B. drop in               C. check out             D. hold on

9. No one       be more generous, he has a heart of gold.

A. could                    B. must               C. dare                 D. need

10. In some languages,100 words make up half of all words       in daily conversations.

A. using                    B. to use               C. having used                 D. used

11. It was not until near the end of the letter       she mentioned her own plan.

A. that                       B. where                C. why                 D. when

12. At our factory there are a few machines similar to       described in this magazine.

A. them                     B. these               C. those                 D. ones

13. The water supply has been cut off temporarily because the workers       one of the main pipes.

A. had repaired             B. have repaired            C. repaired                D. are repairing


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