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  The private automobile(私家车) has long played an important role in the United States. In fact, it has become a necessary and important part of the American way of life. In 1986, sixty-nine percent of American families owned at least one car, and thirty-eight percent had more than one. By giving workers rapid transportation, the automobile has freed them from having to live near their place of work. This has encouraged the growth of the cities, but it has also led to traffic problems.

  For farm families the automobile is very helpful. It has made it possible for them to travel to town very often for business and for pleasure, and also to transport their children to distant schools.

  Family life has been affected(影响) in various ways. The car helps to keep them to travel to keep families together when it is used for picnics, outings, and other shared experiences. however, when teenage children have the use of the car, their parents can’t keep an eye on them. There is a great danger if the driver has been drinking alcohol or taking drugs — or is “showing off” by speeding or breaking other traffic laws. Mothers of victims(受害者) of such accidents have formed an organization called MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). These women want to prevent further tragedies(悲剧). They have worked to encourage the government to limit the youngest drinking age. Students have formed a similar organization, SADD(Students Against Drunk Driving) and are spreading the same message among their friends.

  For many Americans the automobile is a necessity. But for some, it is also a mark of social position and for young people, a sign of becoming an adult. Altogether, cars mean very much to Americans.

  1. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the text?

  A. Cars have encouraged the growth of the cities.

  B. Cars can bring families together when they go for picnics.

  C. Cars have enabled people to live far from their place of work.

  D. Cars help city families to transport their children to faraway schools.

  2. What has been done to deal with the problem of drunk driving?

  A. Parents have paid more attention to their children.

  B. Some organizations have been set up against drunk driving.

  C. Mothers have tried to persuade their children not to drink alcohol.

  D. University students have asked the government to solve the problem.

  3. We can infer from the text that _______ in America.

  A. it will be more difficult for people to get new cars

  B. parents will not allow their children to have their own cars

  C. the government will encourage people to use public transportation

  D. cars will still be popular though they have caused many problems


  ●“跳读”短文:根据文章第2段的内容可知,汽车是使 farm families transport their children to distant (=faraway) schools。故第1小题选D。

  ●“细读”短文:文章说,为了解决 the problem of drunk driving,有关人士成立了不同的组织,如母亲们成立了 MADD,学生们成立了 SADD,等等。故第2题选B。再根据文章第1段说美国在1986年就有69%的家庭至少拥有1辆汽车,38%的家庭拥有1辆以上的汽车,而文章最后一段又说 For many Americans the automobile is a necessity。由此可知第3题选D最佳。

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